Environments and excursions

Trullo is situated in a strategic position, adriatic beachs with their emerald waters, fiords, and the stricktly protected sand-dunes can be reached in 15 minutes by car. 

The marine parc of torreguaceto is an unforgettable natural oasis, where migrant birds find refuge and is 15 km. far.

Ostuni "the white town" declare by UNESCO universal heritage, sorrounded by thousands of centuries-old olive-trees (real natural monuments ) is 5 km. far, while Lecce, famous as "The barocco pearl" can be visited only after 75 km. of high-way.

Valle d'Itria with the famous and unic Alberobello is really very closed and the zoo-safary in the Fasano forest can be reached in 30 minutes by car, and finally the splendid "Castellana caves" are 35 km.far.